A.D.D. anyone???

| Monday, September 15, 2008
So if you didn't know me like I know me..... I can't do a project on my own for very long. I always get ideas for something new to do every time I start something. I'm great when I'm at work and I have to do this or that and have it done by a certain date. I should try this at home....eh. So I decided to start on a inside scene. Using Mental Ray. I want to get this renderer down. As you can see from the image it's a work in progress and I'm going to do every thing in my power to complete this one!!!
What I did. Simple box modeling to get to this point so far. Used the Max walls and windows to make a fast cut and set up on the window areas. Modeled the floor using splines and added the Max stairs ( which is not scene here ). Models were found off of Archibase.net. The are free but you need to really look around for some good high poly and clean ones. As far as the lighting goes All I have now is the Daylight and the light portal I believe is what it is called. Placing the light portal infront of each window will focus the light into the room. All you have to do is make sure the window is nicely cut out. Some how I have pieces of geometry infront of mine! I put up 1 bounce and Final Gathering with some GI and there is the out come. I plan on added more detail and I actually have since this was rendered off. Adding wood beams across the ceilings contours. I plan on making a nice wood varnished floor and perhaps a nice decorative carpet in the scene. I'm going to work on making this a nice finished piece. Till then......adios!!

p.s. I will get back to that home!!! I still have a nicely modeled SUV to complete from last year and a Human face to boot!


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