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| Sunday, October 19, 2008
Ok back to working on the Home model. Spent a few hrs over the weekend. Still have the room model going pretty well. Did some new things there as well and will update that soon.
So Here's is my update image. As you can see I've added a bunch of stuff and some textures. For now I'm using texture of the roof but I'm thinking of using actual geometry on there later on. Trying to give it a Colorado feel by having lots of foresty type colors. Things will probably change there as well eventually. I finished putting in all the windows and added a glass physic phen texture to it. The terrain is shaped as best as I can tell it's suppose to be from these CAD files. I'm having problems figuring out how the lay of the lad is suppose to look. Same with the stairs. For some reason everytyhing lines up great but the steps. So it may just have been the drawer of the fles. I really can't figure it out but they look correct when you render it off. In any case it's coming together very well and I'm happy with it so far. Just those few hours of work and it makes it look like I'm right there on finishing it off!

I'll hopefully work on this a few times during the week on the coming weeks and get this finished off by the new year....... that's bad huh? Oh well. Hard to work then come home and do the same thing at 7-8 at night. Add this Florida heat and I just want to lay in the bath or pool all day long! So that's my goal. Have this completed with texturing, lighting, and vegitation all in there December 31st. Same with the room. Done by the same date...


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