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| Thursday, March 26, 2009
Haven't posted in a long while but wanted to throw this one in there. It'll be short. I have been using 2 different modifiers in my stack for the past few months almost all the time now and it's been making my life sooooo much easier.

One would be the Xform. The use of this mod is to allow me to scale my object without causing damage to the actual models scale. Because I'm scaling the gizmo of the Xform modifier it doesn't harm my main model. Which I have read is good for when you get into wire parameters and such when animating. The second would be a very simple one but has made my models cleaner in the Vertex Weld. I've had to do a lot of small models lately..... I mean small. I've never made a 2cm by 11mm model before up until about a month or two ago. So going in selecting a group and hitting the weld button can be a pain. I use this mod for when I get to a point when the model needs cleaning or at the end to make sure it's clean and all parts are welded. It's nice, simple, and fast!


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I like! Thanks!

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