| Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Here's the completed kitchen render I have been working off and on for the..... well since I got laid off in October. Nice new piece to call my own. I modeled the room and cabinets. The set pieces such as the fridge, stove and sink came from models I have accumulated over the past few years thanks to magazines and just nice people on forums. It was done using Mental Ray and I rendered off the normal, Diffuse, Specular, Shadow, Reflection maps and composed it in Photoshop. The composite didnt take up much time it was the render time. About 33 hours for the images looking out of the window and 24 hours for the images looking down the front of the kitchen counters. Used I anti-aliasing and GI and feel I got a very nice lighting solution. Posted the image in The Area when I was stuck and was told it was looking great. So here it is... oooo- and - aahhh please!


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