New office rendering almost complete

| Sunday, May 26, 2013
Im bout there with this one. I had something come up this past week or so, so didnt have much time to do anything new to this. I posted it up for comments on my normal CGArch forum and waiting to get some feedback. Nothing really as of yet. Only nice things like my joints and what not. Im pretty happy with it. Its my first ever complete Vray render. I think I learned what not to do. My comp hated the trees and really should have used Proxies. Also need to figure out which exact elements I should use to get the nice composite. For this I did my normal use the complete render and then layer on top the elements and cut out pieces to manipulate colors, levels, and any other effects. I've done these so many ways and I personally like the control I get doing it this way. Some day Im sure I'll switch it up and go another way like I usually do.

Next, whenever I can get my mind straightened out I am going to redo and old render I did back in around 2006 with Mental Ray. It was one of my first and I see soooo many errors in it. I just figured at the time it was what it was but now I know how to make it right, only this time it'll be Vray! Also will try and add some more elements into this to make it a bit more homely.


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