Community Entrance

| Monday, May 29, 2017
So my street scene is not cooperating all of a sudden so thought I'd jump to something small scale so that I could both figure where it was going wrong plus feel like I was actually getting some where. I have a lot left to do. The stone caps are just a flat color. I'm pretty happy with the lighting. I tried a number of angles until I settled on this one. At some point this week I'll put the landscaping in and build out the signage...I wont get crazy with the name, it'll probably just say Apartments...oooooo! aaahhh! I may try to move the tree on the left a bit to get that shadow more on the left and bottom of the image though. Plus I have some other details I'd like to add to this. On my poor lil i5, this too 3.5hrs to render.

I did find the issue I think with my street scene and will jump back in as soon as I can complete this. This isn't as big as that so shouldn't take too much longer.


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