Start of a new model

| Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Here's my first main post and kind of the reason I started this whole Blogging bit. I'm very much into architecture. I wanted to be an architect for a very long time when I was in high school. If it wasn't for the teacher I had my Sr. year I probably would have gone into that.......maybe. In any case I have done some learning this past week and wanted to put it to some use. So here is my image of where I am at let me explain.
I often go to cgarchitect to read the post and to check out tutorials made by a Brian Smith. The Visualization Inside gives lots of nice helpful ways and ideas to go about creating a visualization. In any case I just watched his 1 1/2hr long video on how he goes from CAD to Max. The reason was to show different ways to make walls. Lofting, Sweeping, or box modeling. I generally do box modeling. It's easiest for me and I can go about it fairly fast. I liked the idea of sweeping though and wanted to give it a try. With the building having two differently shaped floors I went with another method that was taught to me by a ex-coworker Dave Sparks.
In this method you use the walls feature already built into Max and just snap them to the CAD splines. The reason for this is simple. As you snap they will automatically give you the height and width as you go BUT...... you can add windows and doors now without having to cut into the wall surface. It's a nice little feature in MAX.
So now I have my scene set up as you can see. The base floor plan and the 4 side elevations are set to go as well. If I look in any of the main directions you will see that the building lines up with the CAD elevations. In the background is the 2nd floor and the overall plan with vegetation. All this was done in both CAD clean up and MAX work in about 2hrs I believe (I should have kept track!).

As far as my Blog lay out I want to link it to my actual website. So I will be trying to make it look more and more like my page as I get the chance.


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