Windows, doors, and roofing oh my!

| Monday, August 4, 2008
Haven't had much time lately to give updates been very busy with lots of personal things. What I have here in this post is my progression of my project. I have spent maybe another 2hrs on this as of this moment. I have added the roofing, the trim, and windows and doors around the front and the right side of the building. I did this using a technique involving AEC windows. As you know I used the Walls that's located in the crate tab. These two things work very well with each other in creating a sort of boolean. The trick is snapping from one side of the wall to the other. You must create edge to edge to make this operation work. And when you do this it will automatically cut out the hole for you. You are free to then move the window and size it accordingly and the wall will take shape around it! Very nice trick. I have decided that I will create this in Mental Ray so I have placed my mr Physical sky light in and set it to a Denver morning lighting. It'll give it a nice soft light and I miss Denver so...

I forgot I wanted to give a few tips I learned while watching the video a few weeks ago. Some I knew but had forgotten and some were just very helpful I thought. Walls of a building are generally in the 8" thick area on average but can get to 12" at times. When using the left command you can hold the 'ctrl' key and click the object to loft in the other direction. So if you make a hook and its lofting to the right. Hold 'ctrl' next time and it'll loft to the left. Use the sweep function when ever you get a chance. Awesome feature added not long ago. I sweep every thing! I'm my own personal maid. A couple ways to create walls of a building are lofting from splines created in CAD and merged in alone. You can use these to create the walls and trim fairly quickly. Just need the wall outlines and the wall base paths to create a fast model and then there is box modeling which is what I prefer.

So now to the right you can see my model as it stands now with the lighting. Obviously things will change as I go forth but as of right now it's coming along very well. I'll get a new update soon as I can!


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