Long lay over

| Thursday, February 18, 2010
So not really been doing much 3D lately. I had lots of personnel things going on since one of my last posts, then the place I was working for laid me off cause of no work....miss handling the working coming in really then none coming in at all....but I paid the price for no paid 3D work going out the door. So I was laid off in October and pretty much lost my drive to do much since I had been already looking for work and nothing coming to fruition. So here I am.....only place to get any 3D done is here at home and I'm finally getting that feeling to start up and get going. Finally read 2 of my last 4 or 5 3D World mags and having ideas of things I'd like to work on.

One of those projects is a kitchen. Which I actually started working on 2 days after being laid off. Lots of modeling is done really. I have maybe 5-6 hrs invested in it already so I might as well get it done. I'm hoping making this blog will push me to the point of doing it....which I feel like I'm already at! I have modeled all but the sink and the dish washer. The only thing in it that is not by me is a Fridge model. I wish I could give credit but I've accumulated so many models off of sites and through my magazines that I'm not sure who is who. In any case I just need to do a bit more modeling, fix up the lighting just a bit more, texture and I'm done. I'm already maybe 70% through! So maybe 2 weeks if I can keep on this and have the time, it'll be completed.... YAY!


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