Zbrush and counting...

| Saturday, October 16, 2010
Not much to post other then I'm about 40% through the Zbrush training. Least folder wise I am. Not sure exactly how long each section is. It's pretty difficult going so far but not because of the program its self. It's the different function keys and how to make them work in Zbrush. It's very different from say 3DS Max. I keep finding my self wanting to hold down the shift bar to help me scrub along the screen like in PhotoShop but inside Zbrush you hold down the key just next to it (ALT). Once I can get my brain accustom to knowing where it's at (which I don't know where I am right now....oh wait....I'm in the office...I think...) then I'll be just fine. I'm still on course to get this training done and be able to pop out a model or two by the end of the year!


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