First crack at Zbrush!

| Saturday, November 13, 2010
OK so I finally took my first shot at ZBrush. I started with just a regular ZSphere then started to move and sculpt. I know it's not that great to look at but what I'm happy to see is that on my first try with out having a tutorial blasting next to me and having to look things up I was able to make a very clear sculpt out of just a sphere! I didn't save this because there's no need. I plan on having portfolio type pieces by the end of the year so I got a ways to go. Also a plus to this is I just got my Wacom tablet and it was also my first time using it while creating in ZBrush! So I have that to get use to as well. At the beginning I was making marks all over my model while I tried to move and rotate but by the time I finished I wasn't doing that anymore. So I definitely made some nice strides today!

I'm never happy with what I create so you know I'm not happy with the end result here so expect the next sculpt....then the next...and the next.... to keep improving on what I have here! Also I think this was like 2 hours. So I know that is a long time to have nothing so that will need to be improved upon as well!!!


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