All ready getting better!

| Saturday, November 13, 2010
As you can see I am already getting better! I created this using ZSpheres and sketching on additional spheres to get the muscle tone. After that I made it into a tool and brought it in to sculpt (which is on the left) and the final result of the sculpt is on the right. This one was again around the two hour mark but I got much nicer results at the end of this two hour mark then on the first sculpt earlier this morning! I know it's not exact as far as location of muscles how ever. I was just trying to see if I could sculpt something that looked very muscular.

As I said this morning, I am planning on having an actual piece that be portfolio ready by the end of the year. If not two. I'd say I'm right on schedule so far. I think I may settle down and do a face sculpt and try to take it to completion. With texturing and all.


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