Football player coming into color....

| Sunday, January 9, 2011
We'll since I'm stuck in a retail environment I didn't get a chance to do anything with this guy for well over a month. So today was my first day at it again. I have lots of plans going forward from here. I want to get this done and completed the best I can. Then move back over to AutoCAD and re-kick start my brain on that. I have a truck I started modeling almost 5 years ago I need to get some one to convert into a .3ds for me so I can bring it into my newer max and I am very close to finishing that model.

As far as the texturing goes it's slow. I've never been into texture painting or characters for that part. Still learning the ins and outs of ZBrush as well as I move along. So I downloaded UV Master for ZBrush to help me with the UVs and that was a great time saver as soon as I figured out how to paste and export the mesh out with the UVs and textured polypaint  I made. Looking at it right now I may have gone about it differently to make the flatten UV mesh. It's proving difficult to texture the back of the character the way I did it but you learn. I will leave it and move forward but I will just have to keep this in mind for the next one I do! This is how you learn! Other then that it's coming together pretty well. Lots of things to get in there before I start to really pile on the actual details but as of now as you can see I have the base jersey color the small logo patch, and the numbering. Skin tone for face and arms will also be worked on later. Enjoy!


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