Football Player Update

| Saturday, January 22, 2011
OK It's becoming apparent to me that I can't texture this character. I was never into modeling and dealing with characters before so maybe I'm just not sure the full process. I'm CLOSE! just not in the ball park yet. I was using a ZBrush application called ZApp. I used that to get the text and the base colors on the character then I just poly painted the rest till I had what I wanted. Problem is as soon as I bring that texture into Max it doesn't work the same? The seams aren't lining up around the arms anymore....nothing. I'm thinking maybe I should just finished the model up and start off with something of a more simpler texture scheme. Theres a lot going on in the uniform and I KNOW how to texture but it's just not co-operating with me. I'm bummed..... I dont give up on anything but I think I need to study more to really get a full grasp on the work flow. The model I think looks great so as far as my ZBrushing goes I think I've definitely am getting the grasp of that...... I just need to work on the work flow on the end portion!
One more Thing I wanted to add the texture that was created out of Photoshop/Zbrush :)


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