Revit Building

| Sunday, August 14, 2011
So I started on Revit a week ago more or less and here is where I am at. I can see the advantages to this once I can full understand how to manipulate things in here correctly. I keep wanting to do 3DS Max techniques to move things around because...its's in 3D...ugh...! How ever I like the wall feature to build up your walls and quickly lay your floors. Then to pop in the windows and doors in with easy is nice. I went as far as I can with it for now. So I imported it as a FBX into 3DS Max and made some cleaning and some minor changes. Once I learn it more effectively I shouldn't have to do any of this! As far as what I got below. I could have modeled this in 3DS Max in half the time and had it cleaner looking for sure..... but.... I have to start some where! Once I get this done I was thinking a minor league ball park might be a nice one since there's so much going on with those.


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