Gaming and beyond...

| Monday, August 1, 2011
So I've been reading a lot on some of the new tech that may be coming to the next gen systems. There's a new AMD chip set that is suppose to promise some amazing advancements in graphics and run time. Talking graphics as good as Avatar in terms of rendered game graphics. Then you add in what I just found from a Australian company called Euclideon, They say they have made a software program that turns our 3d mesh into atoms. There software is said to be endless in terms of amounts of information you can show on screen and in detail. In the video below they zoom into the ground to show grains of dirt! If these two things can come together and be for real then the next systems have the chance to be mind blowingly real! Not to mention movie quality animations are going to sky rocket as well.... very awesome stuff. Makes me think about every thing Ray Kurzweil has said is absolutely bound to happen.


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