1 Complete Comp!

| Sunday, April 3, 2011
Completed a render from one of the camera angles. I'm having problems with the other angle. I have some weird artifacts render out on the ceiling but I'm starting to think perhaps it's just the texture of the ceiling causing it. I've worked through every thing I can plus online help and nothing works. Going to need to change the bump of it and try it out. Also that same angle is rendering out the Shadow pass in a very strange way so need to work that one out as well. It looks very nice minus those two problems. As far as this shot it's done. I may tweak some thing here and there but I'm pretty happy with it. I modeled and textured every thing in this my self except for the potted plant which I had stashed away from a magazine or some other place I track these things down at. I'll get the next render up and completed as soon as I can. Might send a render off tomorrow when I get home from work so may be a few days away still.


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