Loooooooong time...

| Sunday, June 3, 2012
OK I haven't posted any new work in 5 months and not a thing in almost3 but for very good reason! I found a job as a Graphic Designer and I've been very busy trying to learn Illustrator until I can get swapped into the 3D Dept which I hope happens by the end of the year but we shall see. I have got a few things set up and in place to work on though. I am still planning on an out doors scene of just trees, grass and other vegetation. I'll probably get going on that by the end of the month. Plus I have access to TONS of floor plans. Once I get approval I plan on borrowing them to model from. Also I should start getting trained on this companies ways of Photoshop work on their Arch Renders in a few months.... least I think so.

So I will soon have new work to post! See you then!


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