A fresh start!

| Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have not posted in a year. I found a great new job in Tampa at a place I had been applying to since 2007. Im not in the 3D Department how ever.....it's not all butterflies and rainbows but I'm working hard and as soon as they can they will move me into that department. So I have spent the past year trying to learn a new craft and neglected my postings, updates, and just plain not working on any new 3D that I can put up. So I am going to dedicate this year and perhaps the better part of the beginning parts of the year to finishing the many things I started last year. I think I have around 4 things that I started work on....got to about a 33% completion point then stopped. So I have been doing 3D for a year just....not very...umm....well.....not as dedicated! 

So here is a scene I have had in my head for a year but hadn't ever started it. It's a pretty simple lay out. A leather couch as the center piece with a row of massive windows to the left running along the wall. The plant is the only thing I didnt personally create. It came from some sort of 3D World Mag down load if I remember correctly. It's almost there. I'd give it a good 40% mark. I want to add some more props to the scene. A nice lamp on the table to the right. Some books and knick-naks on the shelving over head, add textures, lighting, render....done.


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