70, 80, 90.....?

| Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who knows how much the percentage is? I'm close though! Just need to do some texturing for the most part now. I don't see anything left to model on this beast. Still having some issues with the stairs. I picked a happy medium for the one on the left. Every view seems different and wont match. The one of the right is perfect so I don't get it?!
As you can see I made a texture change on the front porch. Got the stair railings in place. I modeled the balconies in the back. I should get a few more views up maybe huh? I'll work on that! In any case it's close. Still thinking I may use geometry on the roof and need to add a few more minor geometric pieces to say the stair steps, so that's still coming eventually. I got the terrain squared away too. Now the steps are only a few feet long from the building and not extending off to no where and the drive was is now in place. I'm excited it's coming along nicely!
I have been learning as much as I can about Mental Ray as I can lately too. Lots of Max help and MyMentalRay.com. Learning how others create their textures and lighting skills. It'll pay off in the end I'm sure of it but so far it's starting to shine through I believe! OK I'm off to buy the new Killers cd and Iron man.....adios!


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