Not done!

| Friday, November 21, 2008
OK.....not done. I thought I was but I was way off. I am working on something for my job right now and again using Mental Ray. Well my reds were coming out to be pink. So had to figure out why. I found out it was a Gamma issue. I have never used the Gamma settings before in Max but found that that was most definitely the issue I was having. In anycase I tried the one was of actually changing my Gamma settings over all for the Max software and found that it was changing colors that were correct. So there is this shader you can put into the Diffuse slot then place in your bitmap. It does the same thing but only to that one texture. So I cleared out my texture loaded in the Utl Gamma shader and placed my red color into the slot and all was good.

Now that I had learned this I wanted to go and fix a few things in my scene here. So I loaded it onto my trees and then I finnaly got the rich green color you'd expect to be seeing. All is now good and believe this is more closer to what is a finally image. I am working on rendering out some sort of video so I will upload that as soon as I can. Till there here is that image....


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