| Sunday, July 4, 2010

So I had to model a gear from some one the other day and I never modeled one before. It came out pretty OK expect for the fact that I couldn't remember Max's default short cuts for the life of me since I been using my own for the past 4 or 5 years. The way I made that one that day was pretty much the same way as the one I did here today. I made a circle spline Then drew the pieces of the gear in then arrayed it around the circle. Attached multiple then welded the vertices. Well after tinkering I found a better FASTER way!

I started off the same way with a spline circle but this time I made another smaller one off to the edge of the larger one. I shaped it the way that I wanted the gear to look then I arrayed that piece around the larger circle. After that I attached all the pieces to the larger circle. Then in the sub object level I selected spline and picked the larger circle. From there I choose the boolean feature inside the edit spline roll out and subtraction to delete the outside portions of the circle then BAM! I got myself a gear!! After that to make the edges nicer looking I selected the larger outside faces and beveled them slightly. Very quick very easy! I knew I could do it.... I'm great under pressure but terrible with tests haha.... and its cleaner!


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