Mall small update

| Monday, July 5, 2010
So woke up today and wanted to get a little bit of something done before I started my Monday. So I did the store fronts. I laid out the entry ways and the window placement throughout the scene. Took me maaaaybe an hour for the whole thing. It was fairly easy. I laid out the bottom floor first and did my insets and extrusions in bulk. After that was done I copied the bottom left side to the top left side. I took a piece from the right to make the top right. Then I moved some thing and created the others that I did not copy. I have a little cylinder in there for scale to help me out but so far so good. I decided to move the escalator away from a wall that I was going to place it on over on the bottom right side 45 degree angled wall. I started to realize as I made this that it has the exact same lay out as the Cherry Creek mall in Denver has so the escalator will look perfect in the new scooted up location! Anyways that's all for today. I got a bunch done in a short time so I'm very pleased with what I have going. All in all I think I've spent maybe 3 hours on the whole thing the past 2 days.


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